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Welcome to WHS Alumni 30 Year Club web site. This web page is dedicated to all of the Worthington High School Graduates.The purpose of our Alumni Club is to celebrate any class that has been out of school for 30 years.

The 30 Year Alumni Club has been in existence for close to 50 years, dedicating the celebration of all Worthington High School graduates. We are very proud of our club and hope you feel the same way we do.

Thank you to everyone who attended last year's Alumni Dinner. It was a large turnout and a great time for the classes including the 50th for the the Class of 64. Going forward John Snouffer is now taking an Emeritus role with the group and Mark Cameron ('79) has been elected President as we continue to induct classes going into the mid 1980s and celebrate classes clear back to the 1880s. Look for more updates coming soon! Should you have any questions or comments please contact us at whsalumni30@outlook.com .



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.: Reunion Annoucements

Everyone graduating on our before 1987 is always welcome to attend our annual 30 Year Club Alumni Dinner at Villa Malano's the first Friday of every June. This year's runion is Friday June 2nd - you can make reservations now by clicking here. Other classes also have important reunions to announce.

Class of 1962 Will be Celebrating their 55th! Click here for details.

Our WHS 30 Year Alumni Page is your headquarters for Alumni Reunion Announcements. Planning your reunion - add to this list, contact Mark Cameron at whsalumni30@outlook.com

.: Homecoming 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out for Homecoming 2016. Here are some photo highlights:



.: This 2016 Dinner Speakers

From the Class of '75 Eric Gnezda

Eric Gnezda is a 1975 Worthington High School Graduate and has gone on to become a songwriter, speaker, creator-producer, of a Worthington-based TV series Songs at the Center, viewable locally on WOSU-TV Channel 34 and distributed nationally through American Public Television. It will be easy for him to center on our alma mater! Be sure to visit http://songsatthecenter.com




2016 30 Year Club Dinner Program (PDF)

.:Thank You for for Walking and Riding with us in the 2016 Memorial Day Parade!

.: We Salute The Class of 67 and 87

.: WHS Alumni Magnets

Hi everyone. We have a limited supply of TWHS Alumni 5.5 inch Magnetic Buttons available for purchase through our Web site. We are looking at also creating another button for graduates prior to 1992. Either way they are great to stick on your vehicle or refrigerator showing your Worthington Cardinal Spirit. To order online Click Here!

.: WHS Alumni 30 Year Club Dinner 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out as it was a huge success.

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.: Homecoming 2014

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Thomas Worthington Homecoming 2014. Overall it was a great evening for football and several members from many different classes, Go Cards!




Please Be sure to visit the Club Events page for pictures of previous Memorial Day Parades in Worthington!


.: Alumni Athletic Room

Student Council

Thomas Worthington’s new Athletic Director, and former principal at Slate Hill Elementary and UMCH, Mr. Dan Girard (Class of ’89) is designing an “Alumni Hall Museum” in a room next to his office at TWHS.

He is asking any one to contact him who has memorabilia or pictures which they would like to LOAN to him and the school/athletic department to be put on display in this room.

He wants to take a very active step in promoting the “WHS” alumni in TWHS life, activities, and setting.

I am going to loan to them my Letter Sweater and Class Ring (to be enclosed and framed). I am going to also loan to them my dad’s (Paul Snouffer, ’39) Varsity Letter and the 1938 “sign” that was made by the art department when the football team won the “County Championship”. I also have other items, really too many to mention, that I am going to offer him. They already have a cheerleading sweater and some other items.

If you would like to get in contact with him, his email is dgirard@worthington.k12.oh.us and his school phone is 883-2272.



.: thank you!

You can also email us at


with your name, class year, address, email, and phone number.

We are looking for class videos to put on our video page. Send us a link to your videos from You Tube or Vimeo.


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