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Our new incoming President T.K. Cellar '70, will have a message for us shortly.
In the meantine please here are our past messages:

Mark Cameron former President and Class of 1979
and John Snouffer, Emeritus and Class of 1970

Niki Gnezda (Snouffer), Secretary and Class of 1969

The next dinner will take place on June 5th, 2020,  AT VILLA MILANO'S ON SCHROCK ROAD IN COLUMBUS.

If you are a Worthington High School graduate, or Thomas Worthington High School (1992 to current) graduate PLEASE E-MAIL US SO THAT YOU RECEIVE NEXT YEAR'S INVITATION.

Remember, the more you pass the word to your friends about this event, the better the chance that your friends will be at the dinner. Email Diane Blain at
m7db@aol.com with your name, graduating year, address, phone number, email.

The Worthington High School Alumni Club is an organization devoted to honor and celebrate all graduates from (Thomas) Worthington High School. This (up coming) year, 2020.

To many people's surprise, this organization has been in existence for almost 55 years. The number of people who come varies from year to year. If you can't come this year, consider coming next year. One of the best things to know, is, if your close friends are coming, or can come. I would hate to have you come, expect to see certain people, and no one show. Some come every year, some come every few years.

This last year we sent out over 6,500 letters and 3,500 emails. Yet we can't or don't reach everyone. If you move, you need to let us know of your new address. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE DINNER RESERVATION FORM to attend, and send the MONEY TO BE REGISTERED FOR THE DINNER !!! Once you come, you are automatically on the mailing list. Every address is held in the strictest of confidence. Once again please E-mail Diane Blain, class of 75 at

Please join us on Friday, June 5th, 2020 for our next dinner. Check our "Links" for the dinner form in early April 2020.

So even if you couldn't come this year, think about it in the future , and PASS the word, not just to your class, but anyone you know who graduated from (Thomas) Worthington.

E-mail us below if you have any questions. It would be good to hear from you….

It has been with great honor to serve as President of the Worhtington High School Alumni 30 Year Club over the past several years. I have stepped down after this year's dinner to focus on needed IT based operations (Web) as well as photography for the group and we will have a new incoming president T.K. Cellar who is ready to lead our club with new proposed changes effecting all Thomas Worthington High School Alumni - see bilaws below. Thank you again for four great years, it has been an honor. More exciting activites are on the way!

E-mail me below if you have any questions. It would be good to hear from you….

Mark Cameron , Class Of 1979
Board Member (Webmaster), WHS ALUMNI 30 YEAR CLUB
whsalumni30@outlook.com : General Information
m7db@aol.com : Class Contact Updates



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